Due to unforeseen structural reinforcements required, as an effect of the recent severe weather conditions. We will not be able to produce and supply fresh meals Sunday 14th and Wednesday 17th of August, Frozen packs are still available online!


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Michelin Chef

Nutritionist Approved

Handmade Daily

Locally Sourced

Our range of Gourmet and Keto meals are bursting with flavour and health benefits. Created with locally sourced ingredients from New Zealand farmers, these dishes are crafted with care by our qualified chefs.

A fusion of international and Kiwi cuisine, our paddock to plate meals are a slice of heaven you can enjoy every day.


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Our menu

Gourmet Beef Rendang

Chicken Mushroom Roulade

Gourmet Spaetzle

Gourmet Beef Cheeks

Keto Beef Silverside

Keto Jackfruit Rendang

Keto Roasted Cauliflower Steak

Keto Chicken Mushroom Roulade

Choose from our Hello Gourmet range which pushes the boundaries of how premium quality a heat and eat meal can be OR our Hello Keto range that makes eating a Keto compliant meals every day convenient and tasty!

Carefully crafted by Michelin Star Chef Stephan Kriegelstein, both menu's fuse European fine dining with a Kiwi twist. You won't believe dining straight from the fridge can be so elegant and taste this good!