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July 30, 2021 2 min read

A Keto diet is a low carb, high fat diet.  By limiting your consumption of carbs and increasing your fats your body will enter into a state of nutritional Ketosis.  This results in your body using your body fat stores as an alternative to consumed carbohydrates as it’s primary energy source.  You will generally need to keep your carbs to under 10% and keep your fats above 50% of your energy intake to ensure your body achieves a state of Ketosis.  This could be anywhere from 50g of carbs per day and below.  You will also need to increase your sodium levels to 3000 – 5000mg per day which is higher that you might normally eat.

When you start your journey on a keto diet it takes a few days for your body to enter a ketosis state. Once you are in Ketosis you become a fat burning machine. If you continue to eat a Keto diet you can maintain this fat burning phase for an extended period of time and drop a considerable amount of body fat as well as feeling more alert, better gut health & digestion, improved skin and generally wellbeing.

We designed the Hello Keto range to take the guess work out of it, making it easy to eat a Lunch and Dinner meal that will meet your Keto targets.  You can now pick up one of our meals at your local supermarket or order online and have you meals delivered and be confident that you are eating a high quality, chef made meal that will help get you into Keto and stay there.

While Keto diets are not for everyone you can still enjoy the quality of our low carb range even if you are not following a particular eating plan.

Grab a Hello Keto meal today and enjoy the eating experience of our new range!